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Personalised Easter Eggs

Our delicious Promotional & Branded Easter Eggs make perfect corporate gifts.

Create personalised and promotional Easter Eggs for your customers and clients this Easter! Browse our fantastic range of branded Easter chocolate gifts that come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs.

We have a huge range of chocolate to choose from including our branded chocolate such as Lindt, Sarotti and Milka which are climate neutral, 100% recyclable and FSC certified. Also our chocolatiers are all committed to responsible and sustainable cocoa farming.

Your product will be printed all over with your own artwork and logo along with the stamps for each of the above certificates. This way you can let your client know you care about them and the planet.

Gifting a branded Easter Egg is a great way of offering a gesture of goodwill to clients, customers and even staff around the office. We have various ways of personalising your Easter Eggs so they are printed and finished with your business logo, message and/or artwork.

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Why Personalised Easter Eggs are Perfect for Corporate Gifting

We’ve touched on the promotional product ideas for your Easter marketing previously, which can be extremely useful if you’re looking for something creative to gift to customers and clients.

Not only are our branded Easter Eggs made by using only the finest ingredients from the best chocolatiers, such as Lindt, Milka, Toblerone and Belgian Chocolate, but our corporate Easter Eggs can be transformed into a tasty treat that can help to improve the visibility and trust of your brand.

Personalised Easter Eggs for Business Events

Whether you’re at a trade show, conference or business event, with your branded Easter Eggs on display, passers-by can see your brand and once they have received their delicious personalised Easter Egg – remember your brand, through the delicious connotations of chocolate.

If your business is looking for delicious promotional and branded easter eggs, or other personalised easter chocolate, such as chocolate easter bunnies, then you can browse our stock right now and find the perfect gift for your clients, customers and even staff members this easter.

Stop the hunt for delicious, branded Easter Eggs!

If you’re looking to adopt a more sustainable approach, feel free to browse our range of eco-friendly promotional products, or for more information, get in touch with our team today and we’ll be more than happy to help you!