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Promotional Product Ideas for your Easter Marketing

Published: 10 April 2017

For large and small businesses, targeting your customers at the right time can make for a great marketing campaign, enticing them at a time when they’re least expecting it can help to make your brand more desirable and memorable.

Easter CalendarEaster is one of those times, naturally family and friends may exchange gifts and chocolate, but what if your customers received something sweet from your business? Using promotional confectionery, especially personalised chocolate, around this particular holiday can set your business apart from your competitors.

Although Easter is a religious holiday, it also comes with its own connotations – chocolate. The idea of buying and giving chocolate has a very different perception around Easter time than any other time of the year. It’s celebrated with friends and family, so why not celebrate it with them?

Timing can Make a Big Difference

The shops are filled with Easter eggs and other Easter related confectionery that people can grab weeks before Easter has even arrived, this is the perfect opportunity to target those important customers and clients by promoting your brand. This type of promotion doesn’t have to be expensive either, although we naturally think of giving Easter Eggs, there is a whole range of promotional chocolate that can be cost effective and still very impressionable to your customers and clients.

Lindt Bunny DuoNo matter the budget, there is a vast array of different ways to display your brand, if you’re looking for something different from the traditional Easter egg, why not look at Chocolate Bunnies? They instantly evoke positive emotions through the relation of real bunnies which are sweet and adorable.

Make them Stand Out From the Crowd

If you’ve decided on the shape of the chocolate, what about the exterior? Before your customer even sees the chocolate, they’re going to see the packaging first. See our selection of packaging designs which include calendars, which make great countdowns to the big day and ensure your brand sticks around all month. We also have shaped boxes such as Houses, Trucks and decorated gift boxes which can all be used to promote your brand logo and message.

Small mini eggs are also a great alternative to one large egg, as they can be stored and ate at a later date, meaning your promotional packaging will make a greater impression. Mini Chocolate eggs are useful if you’re looking to put some fun into your marketing, Easter egg hunts are a hit with adults and children and bring a greater sense of reward when they’ve been found.

Lindt Easter ExpressOnce you’ve decided on the shape and design of the chocolate and the decorative exterior, we also offer a delicious range of types of chocolate; have your customers indulge in the finest of chocolates from Lindt, Lindor, Milka and Toblerone. Your customers will instantly appreciate the quality of the chocolate and enjoy the gesture much more, knowing you’ve put time and effort into their gift.

Bring Positivity with Your Personalised Confectionery

Using promotional products to expand the visibility of your brand can build upon your brands reputation with customers and help to build trust. If you’re looking for personalised confectionery to reward those who are a part of your business, branded chocolate and other sweet treats are an easy win to boost staff moral – so what are you waiting for, get hunting for that perfect personalised sweet treat that customers, clients and staff will all enjoy.

If you would like to find out more about our promotional product range, browse our selection of personalised confectionery or contact our team who are happy to answer any of your questions!