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Promotional Snacks

Here at Distinctive Confectionery we have a range of promotional snacks that can be enjoyed, morning, noon and night. Although we’re home to an abundance of sweet treats, we can also provide you with something different if you're after something a little more savoury.

We have a brilliant selection of snacks that make great additions to events, exhibitions, business meetings, conferences and even gifts for customers and clients.

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Choose from a range of tasty corporate snacks such as Pringle Chips, Mixed Nuts, Pistachios, Pretzels and more. All of which come in a convenient promotional Can, box or sealed packaging which you can personalise with your brand logo and/or message.

That’s not all! If your event is focused on a specific theme or activity, our promotional snacks are perfect for sport and fitness events as well as traditional business meetings and events where you want to showcase your brand with some delicious corporate snacks.

Snack Ideas for Corporate Meetings

Whether your meeting is in the morning or evening having some tasty corporate snacks ready on the table would not go amiss. Having snacks at hand can keep the energy of the room up and be much appreciated by your guests that you have taken the time to supply them with delicious snacks they can either enjoy during the meeting or take away with them!

Snacks to provide for early morning corporate meetings

Not everyone eats breakfast before work and so having some snacks at hand during your corporate meeting will be welcomed by those who are suddenly feeling peckish (and can’t wait until lunch!).

With that in mind, corporate snacks that are going to give your guests a boost of energy should be welcomed with opened arms. Choose from our Personalised Healthy Snack Mix that is crammed full of delicious dried fruits and nuts to provide guests with that all important slow release of carbohydrates.

You could even decorate the table with delicious Promotional Cereal Bars that can not only showcase your brand logo on the packaging but they are ideal for guests to pop in their bag if they fancy one for later – instantly reminding them of your business! Our promotional cereal bars are available in chocolate, nut cereal or a 20g reduced calorie bar for those who want to watch what they eat.

Snacks to provide for evening corporate meetings

If you know your corporate meeting is going to creep into the evening we recommend providing guests with delicious snacks that will keep them engaged instead of thinking what they’re having for dinner.

In this case, nuts are a great source of fibre, protein and energy that will ensure your guests feel satisfied and not lethargic after a long day in the office. Select from our range of personalised salted peanuts, mixed nuts, sweet roasted nuts and pistachios, all of which come freshly sealed in a foil top can that can be stored away for another day!

Or if your guest prefer a sweet treat you can create a delicious spread of personalised bags of popcorn, mini muffins or even a personalised gift boxed chocolate brownie.

For more information about our range of promotional snacks, don’t hesitate to contact our team or get a quote on your chosen corporate snacks!