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Promotional Corporate Easter Gifts

Our promotional Easter gifts are designed with your customers and clients in mind. We have a range of branded Easter gifts available, all of which are fully printed all over with your own design and logo.

Select from a delicious choice of corporate Easter gifts that can be used to count down the days until Easter or even gifted as a thank you to loyal customers and clients when the big day arrives.

Choose from a selection of popular chocolate brands that are made to the highest of standards and packaged with care to ensure you receive a brilliant product that’s ready to showcase your business at corporate events, conferences and trade shows.

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Easter Corporate Gifts

With around 80 million chocolate eggs being sold in the UK alone, it’s certain to see that us Brits love easter chocolate and what’s better than easter chocolate? Corporate Easter gifts. They come with much more surprise and thoughtfulness and for many companies they may expect an Easter egg to be the last thing they receive from a client or as a customer themselves.

At Distinctive Confectionery we know how important it is to ensure your brand is represented and showcased to its full potential through our Easter corporate gifts. Aside from have a spectrum of bespoke Easter gifts, you also have the option to personalise and customize to include your business logo, artwork or promotional message.

The Hunt for company Easter gifts is over!

If you’re looking for some corporate Easter gift ideas, we can help you out. Whether you want to countdown the days until the big day or want to surprise clients and customers with a taste of luxury, our corporate Easter gifts include household names such as Lindt, Milka and Kinder.

Not sure where to start? Here we’ve selected some of our most popular products that are gifted time and time again.

  1. Kinder Egg in Gift Box
  2. Lindt Easter Bunny & Egg Gift Box
  3. Foil Wrapped Mini Easter Eggs
  4. Boxed Easter Eggs
  5. Lindt Mini Easter Bunny

Feel free to add any of our products to your quote or contact our team for more information regarding any of our products, chocolatiers or art guidelines.