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Promotional Artisan Chocolates

Artisan chocolates are chocolates that are not created in huge batches; they’re crafted and decorated individually, giving them that personal touch. Artisan chocolates are brilliant to look at and even better to eat! Created with Belgian chocolate, they’re decadent and make an unforgettable gift for potentional customers and clients.

Our Artisan chocolates include our exquisite range of Chocolate Flowers, which are presented in several variations including our Chocolate Flower Baubles, Handmade Chocolate Flower Gift Box and more which make for beautiful gifts for customers and clients and create a unique and memorable gesture!

Our promotional Artisan chocolates also include the popular family-run brand of Cudie Chocolates who are famous Catalan Chocolatiers. Their Catanies chocolates are hand-made (Marcona Almond Mediterranean almonds coated in chocolate) as well as their Gaudi style chocolates and are an exceptional treat for evening events, business presentations and that extra special client!

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Our Artisan Chocolates are Simply Irresistible

Check out our range of personalised Artisan boxed Truffles and printed chocolates which are available in a selection of packaging options and can be customised in a range of sizes and styles, these include personalised wooden cut out boxes which can showcase your business logo and message.

There are also additional options for you to select from up to 4 flavours, ensuring you can personalise your Artisan chocolates to satisfy customers and clients.

So if you’re attending a business conference or event and need something to grab people’s attention, or perhaps you’re treating staff, these brilliant artisan chocolates will give you the opportunity to showcase your brand as well as creating a memorable and sublime experience.