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Personalised Lindt Chocolates

Our personalised Lindt chocolates are a brilliant choice as a promotional gift to showcase your business. Choose from a delicious range of promotional Lindt chocolates, with a variety of options to suit all occasions.

If you’re searching for something special our promotional Lindt chocolates will provide a fun and tasty branding experience. From bespoke chocolate business boxes all the way through to personalised advent calendars, we have an array of promotional chocolate products to advertise your corporate branding.

Is your business aiming to be more sustainable? We also now provide a range of eco friendly promotional products.

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Why choose Lindt Chocolate?

When people think of luxury chocolate, Lindt will come to many minds as the brand has made its mark on the general public as a special treat that is usually enjoyed around Easter and Christmas.

The Lindt Company aren’t just famous for their chocolate but how they create their chocolate. The reason their chocolate is so delicate and distinctly Lindt is down to their incredible invention the ‘long conche’ which stirs the chocolate continually, creating a fine consistency.

Gift a little bit of luxury

If you’re looking to make a good impression at your next trade show, business event or you simply want to surprise customers and clients with something special, our range of promotional Lindt chocolates is perfect to gift recipients with a gesture of luxury.

As the Lindt Bunny is synonymous with elegance and of course, Easter, why not wish someone well for the holidays with a Golden Lindt Bunny, that’s perfectly finished with the famous red ribbon and golden bell.

Sustainable Lindt Chocolate

We’re incredibly proud to be a supplier of Lindt chocolate, especially as all of our Lindt products are 100% recyclable, sustainable, climate neutral and Fairtrade. We believe this is just as important as the product itself.