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How Promotional Easter products are a Good Way to Market your Business

Published: 22 February 2023

From corporate Easter chocolates to branded Easter gift baskets, there are many ways to leverage Easter-themed promotional products to drive sales, increase brand awareness, and create long-lasting customer relationships. Whether you're a small business owner or a marketing professional, this blog will provide you with the insights you need to make the most of the Easter season for your business.

The power of promotional Easter products

For many people, Easter and chocolate treats go hand in hand. Chocolate eggs are still as popular as ever. Now, you can also buy chocolate in all kinds of other seasonal shapes. Rabbits and chicks are especially popular. Easter is therefore the perfect time for businesses to use promotional confectionery to boost their marketing. 

Attracting new customers

Easter is the unofficial start of spring. That means it’s a time when people start to get out and about and be active again. It’s, therefore, the perfect time to try to attract the attention of new customers.

Including Easter confectionery into your marketing strategy could make a huge difference between your strategy, and your competitors. Step outside of the norm and differentiate your business from competitors who may not be offering similar products and promotions. 

Building customer loyalty 

Once you’ve acquired a customer, you want to keep them loyal to you. Even if your customer doesn’t actually buy from you themselves, they may recommend you to other people.

Chocolate of any kind leaves an emotional footprint on people, we have an infinity with it, and when it comes to seasonal chocolate such as Easter, you can make a real impression on customers who will remember the positive emotions they felt when receiving your corporate Easter chocolate.

Customers stay loyal because they feel as though they’re making an impact, they’re contributing to the success of a business, but in turn are receiving a product that makes them feel special. Including a special Easter touch to thank your customers will keep them around for longer.

Cost-effective marketing 

Gifting chocolate is both affordable and impactful. For example, you could typically buy a lot of high-quality chocolate for the price of an advert in a local news outlet. Additionally, you’re more likely to be able to target the people you want to target.  

Local news outlets are generally skim-read/casually listened to by people in a local area. By contrast, you can gift your promotional confectionery to people who show a certain level of interest in you. This gets you better value for money. 

Also, if you get creative with how you run your promotion, it may become newsworthy. This could result in organic coverage in local media and social media. 

What kind of chocolate to gift at Easter

Any promotional confectionery item has to be of high quality. One way to ensure this is to look for brands that consumers know and trust.

Some of our favourites, and our customers favourites too are Lindt Easter Chocolate, Toblerone and Milka Easter Chocolate. We recommend taking a look at our Lindt Easter Egg which contains a luxury Lindt chocolate egg and can be personalised with your corporate artwork to really make it stand out!

That's not all, how better to show customers of your appreciation than with a Personalised Lindt Easter Bunny. Celebrated for it's delicate design and bell collar, anyone who receives a custom Lindt Easter bunny is sure to have a smile of their face.personalised-easter-egg-in-tetra-box

How to make the most of promotional confectionery at Easter 

If you’ve invested in corporate Easter eggs and chocolate, it makes sense to make the most out of them. If you’re attending a trade show over the Easter holiday, or business show and want to stand out against the crowd, here some fun ways to give your business a head start. 

Easter Themed displays 

By Easter, Christmas displays are long gone. Even Valentine's Day and Mother’s Day are well in the past. That means putting on a themed display will be a fresh attraction (both in the real world and online). The good news is that creativity is generally a lot more important than budget.

Collaborate with other businesses and individuals 

Offer to spread the word about what other people are doing in return for them doing the same for you. This could be as simple as displaying information about complementary businesses to your customers. Alternatively, you could take it a bit further and run a joint promotion. 

Use social media 

Social media is moving away from highly edited and curated content and (back) to more authentic content. This is great news for smaller businesses with lower production budgets. Focus on creativity and engaging with anyone who likes, shares, or comments on your post.

Time to get cracking!

Promotional Easter eggs and chocolate can be a highly effective way to market your business. By providing customers with branded Easter-themed confectionery, you can increase your business's visibility, differentiate yourself from competitors, increase brand recognition, and build stronger relationships with both customers and employees.

Whether you're looking to promote a new product or service, drive sales, or simply build brand awareness, promotional Easter chocolate are a fun way to achieve your marketing goals. So why not consider adding them to your marketing strategy this Easter season?