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Four Reasons to Love Promotional Products

Published: 8 October 2021

You must invest to see a return on your investment. If you’re a small business, however, you need to invest very carefully and strategically. At present, you might see this as a reason to switch to digital and cut out the expense of promotional products. Actually, now is exactly the time to invest in them. Here are some reasons why.

Promotional products can promote your business extremely effectively, whether that be through gifting promotional products during seasonal events, or by handing them out during business conferences, they promote your business. In case you need any, here are 4 reasons to love promotional products.

1. Physical connections are stronger than digital ones

Personalised Marshmallow Flower LollipopIt doesn’t matter how often we video-call with our family and friends, we still want to see them in person. If we can’t see them in person, then we generally want some kind of physical memento of them. That’s because physical connections are stronger than digital ones.

Exactly the same logic applies to marketing. You can build up a strong relationship with customers through digital channels. You can, however, make that relationship even stronger if you give them some kind of physical token of it, in other words, promotional merchandise.

2. Gifts promotional products encourage loyalty

Gift-giving is a fundamental part of human culture around the world. It encourages bonding, in other words, it promotes customer loyalty, especially if your promotional product is something that can benefit them. Gifts don’t have to be large or expensive to be appreciated. They do, however, have to show that you’ve put some thought into choosing them.

Choosing the right promotional products to gift to your customers is essentially all about knowing your customer. Keep in mind that modern customers generally want to avoid accumulating stuff. In other words, make sure that you choose promotional items that will either genuinely be useful to them or actually bring them joy, preferably both.

As a rule of thumb, these days it is usually best to lean towards the “bringing joy” aspect of gift-giving. Your aim is to trigger positive emotional connections with your brand which should ultimately encourage customer loyalty.

3. A one-time promotional gift can help build a long-term relationship

Personalised 12 Noble Chocolate TinThis is really the result of the two previous points, but it’s important enough to be worth mentioning on its own. These days, most companies, even SMEs, are going to have to do most, if not all, of their regular marketing online.

In principle, old-school “leaflet drops” may resume after COVID19 is brought under control. In practice, by now probably most companies have worked out that this is a very expensive approach. It’s only likely to get more expensive, in real terms, as customers increasingly turn to internet searches as their “go-to” way of finding local services.

Astute use of promotional materials maintains that “real-world” connection. At the same time, however, they can be used to guide people online for more regular, cost-effective, engagement.

4. Promotional items turn customers into brand ambassadors

The chances are that your promotional merchandise will be seen by more than just the recipient. It might even be shared by them (e.g. promotional confectionery) or borrowed by them (e.g. promotional pens). This gets your brand even more visibility or at least a mention.

What’s more, the fact that a customer is using your promotional merchandise effectively acts as a personal recommendation for your company. When it comes to marketing, this is about as good as it gets.

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