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A Treat Fit for a King: The Perfect Promotional Confectionery for the Coronation Celebration

Published: 8 March 2023

Here at Distinctive Confectionery, we can help you and your business celebrate The King’s Coronation by providing Promotional Coronation Confectionery for your business.

With the King’s Coronation approaching, it will be the first coronation of a British monarch in 70 years. Explore what we know so far about King Charles III coronation on the 6th of May 2023 and how your business could benefit from corporate confectionery this Spring.

We can offer traditional British products such as branded biscuits which are available in a variety of packaging options such as decorative boxes and tins, which are filled with delicious shortbreads, hazelnut wafers, cookies, or assorted biscuits.

We also offer tins of personalised tins of clotted cream fudge, corporate sweet jars and an array of personalised chocolate bars, with the Coronation emblem available to use alongside your logo/branding on any products.

What will happen at The King’s Coronation?

The King’s Coronation service will be held at Westminster Abbey throughout the morning, and then proceed to Buckingham Palace, where their majesties The King and The Queen Consort will be joined by the rest of the Royal Family. To finalise the service and the occasion, the newly crowned King and The Queen Consort will make an appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

How to Celebrate as a Business

Even though the Coronation of The King ensures an extra bank holiday and many businesses closing over the weekend of the service, you can still celebrate the occasion with your business by providing little treats, such as sweets, chocolate, and other confectionery favourites with your business logo.

So, with that in mind, we’ve put together a sweet list of confectionery that’s perfect for the King’s Coronation; it’s enough to give your dentist nightmare!

Personalised Clamp Tin of Biscuits

Our personalised clamp tin of biscuits includes 160g of luxury biscuits. Customise the clamp tin with your business logo, artwork, or whatever you desire! Its printed wrap measures 160x90mm. The personalised clamp tin of biscuits can feature a variety of different biscuits, with choices stretching from gingerbread, chocolate chip and shortbread, ideal for your coronation celebrations.

Personalised Clamp Tin with Luxury Clotted Cream Fudge

Why not take a look at our personalised clamp tin with luxury clotted cream fudge which measures at 160x90mm. Personalise the clamp tin with your business logo and celebrate your business with your very own personalised clamp tin. Feel free to choose between either clotted cream fudge or caramel and sea salt fudge to start the King’s Coronation celebrations the right way.

Kings Coronation Chocolate

Luxury Personalised Gift Box with Salted Caramel Crowns

View our luxury personalised gift box with salted caramel crowns, packaged inside a bespoke gift box, which is printed in CMYK or foil printed featuring your own business logo. This product features 9 luxury salted caramel crowns, making this personalised gift box perfect for your King’s Coronation celebrations.

Benefits of Corporate Confectionery for Business during the King’s Coronation

Corporate confectionery can be extremely beneficial for businesses as it allows you to increase your brand awareness, improve your brand image and set yourself apart from competitors. Providing corporate confectionery, especially during such a large event such as the King’s Coronation, can expose your brand to a wider audience of people and draw more eyes to your business.

With the King’s Coronation expected to receive significant amounts of media coverage, what better way to promote your business than providing branded confectionery to promote your business and brand image, products, or services!

Enticing your guests or customers to delicious corporate confectionery can leave a long-lasting impression on people that could generate leads and sales.

Standing out amongst competitors and providing unique personalised gifts will benefit your business as it is an extremely effective marketing tool. Our confectionery has the additional option to print your logo alongside the King’s Coronation emblem.

Guests, clients, and customers will naturally be drawn towards unique sweets and chocolates that instantly stand out, and with your business logo printed onto the packaging, people can easily identify your brand and enjoy the sweet taste of the confectionery that you’re providing.

Why choose Distinctive Confectionery?

Here at Distinctive Confectionery, our corporate confectionery for the King’s Coronation are a delicious alternative to the usual promotional products! Forget the pens, and the notepads, your customers want something they can really sink their teeth into!

Our store is home to a wide variety of products, such as promotional biscuits, chocolates, sweets and more. Additionally, our confectionery for the King’s Coronation features special dietary requirements for those on vegetarian or vegan diets, and so everyone can enjoy your King’s Coronation themed confectionery.

We also offer a range of climate neutral products made from some of the markets leading chocolatiers, such as Lindt and Milka, so your King’s Coronation confectionery will taste just as good as it looks with your company logo.

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