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A Delve into Chocolate: Milka

Published: 10 August 2021

As a country we adore chocolate, so much so that it was reported the average Brit consumed around 8.4kg of chocolate in 2017 and around 660,900 tonnes of chocolate is enjoyed every year by Britain. Now that’s a lot of chocolate.

It’s no surprise we’re so invested in chocolate when we have super brands such as Milka to tickle our taste buds and provide a delicious twist on conventional British chocolate.

Where is Milka from?

The birth of Milka can be found back in 1825 in Löerrach, Switzerland in Germany by Philippe Suchard who founded the company. Sadly Philippe would not have been able to enjoy the success of his chocolate, as he passed away in 1884.

His delicious creation has made the extraordinary journey from Germany to Austria and then to many other mass markets such as France, Poland and Russia have cemented Milka as a household favourite.

Previously to his death, Milka was known as ‘Milka Suchard’, however after his death, his children continued the family business. It was commercialised further in 1901 to the Milka we know and love today.

How did Milka get its name?

To be exact, Milka is a combination of names. As the origin of the chocolate started in Löerrach, Germany, the ingredients included in the chocolate; Milk and Cocoa are written as Milch and Kakao in German, combining them together to create, Milka.

What is Milka chocolate made from?

When you take a bite out of a Milka chocolate bar, the question on many people’s lips is ‘how do they make it so creamy’ the answer to this, could lie in its milk. Due to where Milka first began, Alpine Milk is one of the key ingredients through most, if not all of Milka’s products.

Alpine milk describes where the milk came from, in this case, Alpine cows. These cows are free to roam the fresh Alps enjoying the grass that gives the cows lots of nutrition and other health benefits.

When a Milka chocolate bar is created using this milk, the quality of the milk is so good it creates a tender chocolate that literally melts in the mouth.

The Lilac Cow

One aspect of Milka that makes it so memorable is the lilac cow. With its own trademarked Lilac colour, Milka definitely stands out on the shelves as it presents the brands happy mascot, which is adorned with white and lilac spots.

The reason why the cow is lilac is simply down to heritage. Even before the Milka cow came to be, the lilac colour was used on the very first packaged products and this has continued through the chocolates’ journey.

Even the font style of the brands name is very luxurious and mellow, like the chocolate itself. Its creamy nature makes you enjoy the chocolate even before you’ve tried it.

Who owns Milka?

From around 1990, the Milka brand eventually became part of the Kraft Foods family and Mondelez, an American multinational confectionery brand. Over time, the branding no longer included Suchard anymore but still retained its history within its branding and products.

Although Milka isn’t perhaps as widely enjoyed in Britain as other chocolate brands, in other countries, Milka is at the top of its game. 400 million chocolate bars of Milka are sold worldwide and 27% of that market is in France.

Milka memorable commercials

Naturally within the world of chocolate, commercial ads were a huge part of a brands success, long before the internet, families would gather round the TV and become the audience for any chocolate brand who had a good ad spot.

Going against big rivals such as Cadbury and Nestle, Milka still managed to create memorable advertisements in its native countries and others.

De la tendresse à l'intérieur

One the most viewed Milka commercial videos can be found on the Milka France YouTube channel, which has gained over a million views for the advert ‘Milka - De la tendresse à l'intérieur 90s’.

Time Machine

If you fancied something a little more festive, Milka never failed at telling their audience a story and Christmas was the perfect time to show off their other Milka products which included luxurious Milka Advent Calendars, in their snow-filled advert; Time Machine.

Want to share the Milka magic at your next trade show or business event?

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