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Promotional and Personalised Sweets - A Tasty Way To Help Advertise Your Business

Treat, customers, clients and staff to branded sweets at your next networking event or campaign launch.

Did you know that around 56% of consumers improved their opinion of a brand once they received a promotional gift from them?

If you're looking for promotional confectionery with variety, personalised sweets are a fantastic choice, they're nostalgic for many and most people keep them around longer than chocolate, as they're easy to put away for the next time someone fancies one!

We have many different promotional sweets available, including personalised rock, a range of fruit sweets, chocolate coated sweets and mints. Some of the most popular corporate sweets are flow pack sweets but we also supply classic and mini sweets.

It doesn't stop there, you can create something truly eye-catching with the range of packaging designs we have available, so no matter your industry, we're positive there is something to suit all.

Ensure your audience continues to be reminded of your brand through re-useable packaging such as sweet jars, pots and tins (available in cardboard, plastic and glass). These are fanstic personalised gifts that can be re-used within their home once the contents have been eaten.